As a preview of the Venice Carnival 2019, we thought of showing you some of the pictures captured during the carnival of 2018. And if you would like to see more photos from this year’s carnival, download this album.

Most of the photos were made in the Saint Mark’s Square, in Campo San Zaccaria, the small square in front of the Church of San Zaccaria, and on the San Giorgio Maggiore Island, which, if you are a photographer, deserves a little more attention.

Every day of the carnival, after 5.00 pm, many costumed people and photographers head for the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Literally, hundreds of each, for an ad hoc photo session in front of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. On this occasion, the masks let themselves be photographed, and the photographers do what they know best.

If you think about getting to the 2019 edition of the Venetian carnival, we have only one advice: don’t forget your camera at home!




mask 2


mask 3


mask 4


mask 5


mask 6


mask 7


mask 8


mask 9


mask 10