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    Il Mercante

    Il Mercante was created to propose a sensorial journey in the bartending panorama of Venice. The bar is inspired by the life of adventurers and explorers who have marked new routes and brought new experiences to the West. The bar occupies the premises of the historic Caffé dei Frari, known and frequented by many Venetians. The restoration has emphasized the original architecture and the character of the location that has already inherent in its nature the philosophy of Il Mercante. The upper floor of Il Mercante is dedicated to guests who want to experience the sensory experience of the special cocktails dedicated to the adventures of Marco Polo and to the spices that he brought from the East. In a nice and quiet environment, it will be possible to rely on Il Mercante mixologist’s guide. Il Mercante cocktails are the result of a continuous research in preparations and blends. The bar presents a main list of cocktails always available and a list inspired by the theme of great adventurous trips.   HOW TO GET THERE Il Mercante is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Venice, in Campo dei Frari, in front of the Chiesa dei Frari. From Read more [...]