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The most important attraction of Malcesine is Castello Scaligero, built in the 14th century by the Della Scala family. The small Port of Malcesine is also very picturesque, and there are also a few churches in the area worth visiting.

In Malcesine, you can go to the beach in the morning, on the shores of Lake Garda, and climb the mountain in the afternoon, Mount Baldo being a stone’s throw away. For the latter, you can use the Monte Baldo cable car, located not far from the historical center of the town…

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    Port of Malcesine

    The Port of Malcesine is a small picturesque port on the shore of Lake Garda, located in Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, in Malcesine. The port is surrounded by many restaurants, bars and cafes, where you can relax and admire the lake. There are also several hotels in the area. From the Port of Malcesine, you can take boat trips on the lake, to other towns located on its shores.   HOW TO GET THERE On foot, the Port of Malcesine is located about 240 meters away from the Malcesine bus station. From there, you can take the ATV bus Line 484 to Garda, and then one of the buses 162, 163, 164, 165 to Verona.

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    Church of the Madonna della Fontana

    The Church of the Madonna della Fontana is a church in Malcesine, located in Via Gardesana, about 1 kilometer away from Castello Scaligero. The church is called della Fontana (of the Fountain), because of a spring located nearby.   SHORT HISTORY In 1532, a small oratory dedicated to the Virgin was built on this site by the Municipality of Malcesine. At the beginning of the 17th century, the need for a larger church appeared. The new church was completed and opened for worship in 1626. On July 25, 1797, the French of Napoleon Bonaparte closed the church, removed the registers and confiscated all the assets. In a state of neglect, the church was used as a warehouse during the First and the Second World War. After it was restored in 1959, the church was reopened for worship, and today is used only on specific holydays.   ARCHITECTURE The facade of the church is plain, covered with yellow plaster. In the lower part of the facade, delimited from the upper one by a stone strip, there is a beautiful Baroque portal, surmounted by a tympanum and a coat of arms, flanked on the sides by two rectangular windows. In the upper Read more [...]

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    Castello Scaligero

    Castello Scaligero is a medieval castle in Malcesine, built on a rock on the shore of Lake Garda. The castle, a national monument since 1902, is owned by the Municipality of Malcesine since 2017.   SHORT HISTORY A fortress was probably built on this site in the 5th century by the Langobards. It was destroyed by the Franks in 590, and later rebuilt. According to legend, in 806, the castle hosted King Pepin of Italy, who came to Malcesine to visit the Saints Benigno and Caro. After the Hungarian invasions, it became the property of the Bishop of Verona. Between 1277 and 1387, Castello Scaligero was the residence of the Della Scala family of Milan. Later, it was occupied by the Visconti, another noble Milanese family, who lost ownership in 1403. For the next ten years, the castle was at the center of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Venice and the German Empire. In May, 1513, the Republic of Venice conquered Malcesine, and the castle became a Venetian dominion. In 1797, the castle passed to the French of Napoleon Bonaparte, and later to the Austrians.   ARCHITECTURE The fortified tower of the castle stands at a height of Read more [...]