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    Castello Scaligero

    Castello Scaligero is a medieval castle in Malcesine, built on a rock on the shore of Lake Garda. The castle, a national monument since 1902, is owned by the Municipality of Malcesine since 2017.   SHORT HISTORY A fortress was probably built on this site in the 5th century by the Langobards. It was destroyed by the Franks in 590, and later rebuilt. According to legend, in 806, the castle hosted King Pepin of Italy, who came to Malcesine to visit the Saints Benigno and Caro. After the Hungarian invasions, it became the property of the Bishop of Verona. Between 1277 and 1387, Castello Scaligero was the residence of the Della Scala family of Milan. Later, it was occupied by the Visconti, another noble Milanese family, who lost ownership in 1403. For the next ten years, the castle was at the center of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Venice and the German Empire. In May, 1513, the Republic of Venice conquered Malcesine, and the castle became a Venetian dominion. In 1797, the castle passed to the French of Napoleon Bonaparte, and later to the Austrians.   ARCHITECTURE The fortified tower of the castle stands at a height of Read more [...]