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    Medmar is a private ferry company founded over fifty years ago in Naples, specialized in the transport of passengers and vehicles in the Gulf of Naples, connecting the islands of Ischia and Procida to the mainland (Naples and Pozzuoli). Today, Medmar represents one of the main maritime carriers in the Gulf of Naples, thanks to 1,800,000 passengers and about 450,000 vehicles transported each year. With over 9,000 connections made each year by its ships, Medmar provides the backbone of transport and logistics of one of the most important touristic area of Campania and the whole Southern Italy. Medmar currently operates nine modern ferries, including huge cruise liners named Giulia, Maria Buono, Rosa D’Abundo, Benito Buono and Quirino, with a capacity of over six hundred passengers each, and smaller ferry boats built for the inter-island connections. The Medmar ferries depart from Naples (Calata Porta di Massa), Pozzuoli (located about 23 kilometers west of Naples), Ischia (two ports – Port of Ischia and Casamicciola Terme) and Procida. For up-to-date timetables and fares, and also for online booking, check the company’s website.

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    Caremar (Campania Regionale Marittima) is a ferry operator founded in 1975 in Naples, that transports people, goods and vehicles between the mainland (Naples, Pozzuoli and Sorrento) and the stunning islands of the Gulf of Naples (Capri, Ischia and Procida). Caremar fleet consists of 4 motorboats (Adeona, Driade, Fauno and Naiade), 2 fast ferries (one on the route to Capri, and the other on the route to Procida), 1 hydrofoil (Aldebaran), 1 catamaran (Achernar) and 1 fast drive hydrofoil (Isola di San Pietro), for a total capacity of about 10,900 tons, over 4,800 passengers and about 300 vehicles each day, on the routes between the 7 ports of the Gulf of Naples. Managed by an experienced crew, every ship offers air-conditioning as well as cafeterias and snack bars. The larger ferries, named Adeona, Driade, Fauno and Naiade, also provide on-board entertainment and large seating areas for your comfort. In terms of the fleet’s speed and efficiency, the catamaran Achernar reaches an impressive 30 knots, as does the hydrofoil Aldebaran, and the fast drive Isola di San Pietro. Regarding the routes, from Naples, you can get to Capri, Ischia and Procida. The ferries depart from Calata Porta di Massa and the hydrofoils Read more [...]

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    Di Sarno Car Service

    Di Sarno Car Service is a leading car hire company in Naples, providing transfers and private tours not only in Campania, but also across the whole country. Their fleet is able to satisfy all the needs of both private users, who desire maximum comfort and professionalism, and tour operators, who need quality transport services. If you would like to explore the area around Naples and the beautiful Amalfi Coast, depending on the size of the group you are part of, you can choose between cars with up to 3 available seats, minivans with up to 8 seats or minibuses with up to 18 seats. You can also use the company’s services for transfers from airports, railway stations or seaports to your destination in Italy.