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    Since 1865, Tramontano designs and produces bags and leather accessories in Naples. Its distinctive style and continuous quest for excellence make Tramontano’s products unique and inimitable, sought after by many customers around the world. The evolution of the brand is like a long journey in the production of bags, suitcases and luxury accessories that winds through time, tracing a path of craftsmanship, quality and style. Tramontano is a brand that is constantly evolving, that has managed to balance the historical values of tradition with contemporaneity, creating a bridge between past and present. All the models in their various collections are planned and designed in-house, inspired by the company’s history, but skillfully produced with a flair for innovation and a balanced mix of elegance and practicality.   HOW TO GET THERE Tramontano has two stores in Naples – one in Via Chiaia, 143, and the other in Via A. Scarlatti, 174. To reach the store in Via Chiaia, you can take the bus E6 and get off at the station Piazza Dei Martiri, about 170 meters away.

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    La Scarabattola

    La Scarabattola is a workshop and, at the same time, an art gallery in Naples, born in the second half of the nineties, from the ideas of brothers Salvatore and Emanuele Scuotto, graduates of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, and Raffaele, the group manager. Craftsmen, artists, promoters of culture, the Scuotto brothers use ideas and aspects of the cultural folklore of Naples, reflecting on the nature of things, the emotional and functional narrative of art objects, as a possible means of communication, and a resistance to certain forms of cultural conformity. Their art is recognized in Italy and also abroad, thanks to the production of notable exhibitions.   HOW TO GET THERE The closest subway station is Museo, on the Metro Line 1, at about 750 meters away. The nearest bus station is Conte Di Ruvo, on the bus routes 139, 168, 178, 182, 584 and C63, at about 550 meters away from the shop. If you plan to find it on foot, use the map below.

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    Gay-Odin is a chain of eleven stores, nine in Naples and one in Rome and Milan, that offers wonderful handmade chocolate products.   SHORT HISTORY The history of Gay-Odin, the famous Neapolitan chocolate shop, starts at the end of the 19th century, when the twenty-three year old Isidoro Odin, young chocolatier from Alba, embarks on his journey to Naples. Here, the combinations of flavors made by the young alchemist will seduce customers so much that, to satisfy everyone, Isidoro will open two other locations, the first in Via Toledo and then, in 1922, the factory in Via Vetriera, 12. Shortly, Gay-Odin has become a must, and the aromas created by Isidoro are officially part of the flavors of the Neapolitan tradition. In the sixties, Isidoro Odin and his wife Onorina Gay transfer their method to the Castaldi-Maglietta family. Both the choice of ingredients and the processing method remain the same, and Isidoro continues to manage the factory, supported by Nino and Giulio Castaldi. From the workshop of Via Chiaia, to the Chocolate Factory and to the online sale of artisan chocolate, Gay-Odin offers everyone the opportunity to be tempted by the artisan creations of their Maître Chocolatier.   HOW TO Read more [...]