All Accessories in Naples

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    Since 1865, Tramontano designs and produces bags and leather accessories in Naples. Its distinctive style and continuous quest for excellence make Tramontano’s products unique and inimitable, sought after by many customers around the world. The evolution of the brand is like a long journey in the production of bags, suitcases and luxury accessories that winds through time, tracing a path of craftsmanship, quality and style. Tramontano is a brand that is constantly evolving, that has managed to balance the historical values of tradition with contemporaneity, creating a bridge between past and present. All the models in their various collections are planned and designed in-house, inspired by the company’s history, but skillfully produced with a flair for innovation and a balanced mix of elegance and practicality.   HOW TO GET THERE Tramontano has two stores in Naples – one in Via Chiaia, 143, and the other in Via A. Scarlatti, 174. To reach the store in Via Chiaia, you can take the bus E6 and get off at the station Piazza Dei Martiri, about 170 meters away.