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    Church of San Simeone Profeta

    The Church of San Simeone Profeta is a church in Venice, located in the sestiere (district) of Santa Croce. The church is also known as San Simeone Grande (large), to distinguish it from the nearby Church of San Simeone Piccolo (small), which before the 18th-century reconstruction was smaller.   SHORT HISTORY The church was built in 967 at the behest of the Ghisi, Adoldi and Briosi families. Originally, it must have been a very modest structure, built of straw and wood. After a disastrous fire, it was rebuilt in stone in 1150, and made the parish church. Between 1807 and 1810, under the Napoleonic rule, the church joined the parish of the nearby San Simeon Piccolo.   ART AND ARCHITECTURE It is believed that the facade of the church was designed in Neoclassical style by the Venetian architect Giorgio Massari in 1756. The facade is simple, with two columns in Composite order dividing the central part of the structure from the two short lateral bodies, surmounted by two volutes that accompany the slope of the roof. At the center of the facade, the portal opens between two pillars, with two large windows above and a dedication plaque between them. At Read more [...]