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Find the best places to EAT & DRINK on the italian soil, the most frequented restaurants, the traditional pizzerias, trattorias or osterias, the cafes with the most beautiful atmosphere, the bars with the most fancy cocktails or the most known fast foods, when you are in the mood only for a quick bite.

Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, using few quality ingredients and not a very elaborate preparation. As far as beverages are concerned, Italy is the most important producer of wine in the world and, at the same time, the largest consumer of wine. And if you want to find the best coffee in the world, come to Italy!

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    Il Mercante

    Il Mercante was created to propose a sensorial journey in the bartending panorama of Venice. The bar is inspired by the life of adventurers and explorers who have marked new routes and brought new experiences to the West. The bar occupies the premises of the historic Caffé dei Frari, known and frequented by many Venetians. The restoration has emphasized the original architecture and the character of the location that has already inherent in its nature the philosophy of Il Mercante. The upper floor of Il Mercante is dedicated to guests who want to experience the sensory experience of the special cocktails dedicated to the adventures of Marco Polo and to the spices that he brought from the East. In a nice and quiet environment, it will be possible to rely on Il Mercante mixologist’s guide. Il Mercante cocktails are the result of a continuous research in preparations and blends. The bar presents a main list of cocktails always available and a list inspired by the theme of great adventurous trips.   HOW TO GET THERE Il Mercante is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Venice, in Campo dei Frari, in front of the Chiesa dei Frari. From Read more [...]

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    Grancaffè Quadri

    Facing Caffè Florian, we can find another old coffee house, Grancaffè Quadri. Located under the Procuratie Vecchie arcades, in the St. Mark’s Square, the second is with nothing inferior to the first. From Stendhal to Wagner, Proust and Woody Allen, Grancaffè Quadri has always been a lively place to stop for a coffee. Guests who enjoy the outdoor seating in St. Mark’s Square can select from a large illustrated menu featuring everything from Italian coffee drinks to cocktails made by resident barman Leonardo Cisotto, or breakfast pastries to Venetian bar snacks called cicchetti and gelato. A team of well-trained baristas tends to the coffee, while Leonardo Cisotto is in charge of the cocktails and wine service.   SHORT HISTORY Before Grancaffè Quadri, it was Il Rimedio (The Remedy), opened in 1638, named so due to the fact that it served Malvasia wine, commonly believed to enliven both the body and spirit. On May 28, 1775, Giorgio Quadri, arrived in Venice from Corfu together with his wife Naxina in search of fortune. It was Naxina to suggest that they invest in a place that served “hot black water.” The couple purchased Il Rimedio and began serving Turkish coffee. In 1830, Caffè Read more [...]

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    Alle Corone

    At Alle Corone Restaurant, you will discover the real authentic flavors of their genuine products, prepared in accordance with their precious recipes. You will also discover the pleasure of savoring the best ingredients that this land can offer, following an itinerary of gastronomic excellence that, depending on the season, will take you from the starters to dessert. The bread, the homemade pasta and the desserts they serve all come straight out of their kitchen.   HOW TO GET THERE Whether you come with the water bus ACTV Line 1 or 2, getting off at the Rialto station, or you are near the Rialto Bridge already, you have only about 150 meters to Alle Corone Restaurant. The place can be reached on foot through Salizada Pio X, making right on Merceria II Aprile and left on Calle dei Stagneri O de la Fava.

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    Caffè Florian

    Caffè Florian is more than just a café, and can rightfully be considered a tourist attraction in itself. Located under the Procuratie Nuove arcades, in the St. Mark’s Square, the world’s oldest café still in operation has been a silent witness, for almost three centuries, of the joys and excitement of Venice. Famous names have passed the threshold of this café over time, and if we were to mention just a few, we could start very well with Casanova, the famous conqueror of hearts, continuing with the playwrighter Carlo Goldoni, Lord Byron or the poet Goethe, with the writer and politician Chateaubriand, Charles Dickens, or Marcel Proust, to end triumphantly with Modigliani.   SHORT HISTORY The café opened its doors for the first time on December 29, 1720, under the name of Alla Venezia Trionfante, and soon after that received the name of its first owner, Floriano Francesconi. By the middle of the 19th century, Caffè Florian remained in the possession of the Francesconi family, and then changed its owners several times. In 1858, the café was completely restored by Lodovico Cadorin, with the help of the best Venetian artists and artisans. Since 1985, the cafe hosts the Venice Biennale, Read more [...]