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    Ferrovie Appulo Lucane

    Ferrovie Appulo Lucane is a transport company owned by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, which manages the railway lines between Apulia and Basilicata and several bus lines in the same area.   SHORT HISTORY The history of the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane began in 1915 under the identity of MCL (Società Mediterranea Calabro-Lucane). The first line opened was Bari-Matera, 76 kilometers long, inaugurated on August 9, 1915. Between 1920 and 1930, the line was extended to Miglionico and Montalbano Jonico, reaching a length of 142 kilometers. The second line inaugurated, between 1930 and 1934, was Altamura – Avigliano Lucania – Potenza, with its branch Avigliano Lucania – Avigliano City, 8 kilometers long. In 1989, the network was split in two, between Ferrovie della Calabria (FC) and the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane (FAL).   ROUTES From a touristic point of view, the most important line is Bari – Altamura – Matera. Beside that, there is Altamura – Avigliano Lucania – Potenza and Avigliano Lucania – Avigliano City. The line Bari-Bitritto, 9.2 kilometers in lenght, is under construction.   TIMETABLES AND FARES There are about 16 departures every day from Bari Centrale to Matera Centrale, between 5.09 am and 10.26 pm. A Read more [...]

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    Ferrotramviaria is a private railway company that manages a series of urban and regional railways in Apulia and Bari, gathered under the name of Ferrovie del Nord Barese.   SHORT HISTORY Ferrotramviaria was founded in 1937. In 1965, the company opened the railway line Bari-Barletta, which connects major municipalities to the north of Bari: Bitonto, Terlizzi, Ruvo, Corato, Andria, Barletta and the district of Bari-Palese. After a contract signed in 2008, the company began the construction of a new line which now connects Bari to the Karol Wojtyła International Airport. The line was inaugurated on July 20, 2013.   ROUTES Ferrotramviaria manages four railway lines: FR 1 Line – regional trains from Bari Centrale to Barletta Centrale, via Palese and Macchie; FR 2 Line – regional trains from Bari Centrale to Barletta Centrale, via the airport; FM 1 Line – metropolitan trains that run on the Bari-San Paolo line, between Bari Centrale and Cecilia; FM 2 Line – metropolitan trains connecting Bari Centrale with Bitonto, via the airport.   TIMETABLES AND FARES A one-way ticket from Bari Centrale to the airport or vice versa costs 5€ and the trip takes about 16 minutes. From Bari Centrale, there are 27 departures Read more [...]

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    Karol Wojtyła International Airport

    Karol Wojtyła International Airport is the main airport serving the Italian region of Apulia and the city of Bari, located about 10 kilometers northwest from the town center. The airport is named after Karol Wojtyła, the birth name of Pope John Paul II, and is also known as the Palese Airport, after a nearby district of the Metropolitan City of Bari.   SHORT HISTORY The Bari Airport was officially founded in 1934, as a structure used for military traffic, but it was opened to civil aviation flights soon afterwards. After the Second World War, the civil traffic was reopened only in 1947. In 1951, a new structure was created, planned as a freight terminal, but which effectively became the new airport terminal. In 1962, the first stone of the new airport terminal was laid, completed three years later. At the same time, the flight infrastructures were modernized. In 1965, the construction of the new control tower began, completed the following year.   HOW TO GET THERE The best way to get from the airport to Bari and vice versa is by train, with one of the trains of the private railway company Ferrotramviaria (Ferrovie del Nord Barese). A trip takes Read more [...]