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    Sina Brufani

    Sina Brufani is a five-star hotel in the heart of Perugia, with an ancient tradition in the luxury hospitality, home of royalty and celebrities from all over of the world since 1884. With over a century of history, Sina Brufani is a true symbol of exclusivity in Perugia, some of its parts being protected by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. The hotel opened in 1884, gaining immediate success. The leading exponents of high society and nobility of Europe vied to stay in the modern hotel. In 1986, Sina Brufani joined the Sina Hotels group, which performed renovation and maintenance works on the property, protecting the original characteristics of the Hotel. Over time, the hotel has maintained its position as leader in hospitality of Umbria region, being a favourite of celebrities such as the Queen Mother of England, the Prince of Monaco, famous actors and Heads of State. The enchanting view, the refined atmosphere and the courtesy of the staff, continue to make any stay at the Sina Brufani an unforgettable one.   HOW TO GET THERE Sina Brufani is located in Piazza Italia, in the historical center of Perugia, near the most important attractions of the city. To get to Read more [...]