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    Profumi di Perugia

    In Piazza Matteotti from Perugia, in Via S. Andrea, at number 1, there is a large door that will bring you inside the atrium of an ancient building, and a smaller door afterwards that will lead to an unexpected world… Profumi di Perugia. This is a collection of exclusive and precious scents dedicated to the streets and historic places of Perugia and its suburbs, villas, castles, parks and ancient farmhouses. Here, you can find rare essences, perfumes and precious ancient apothecary recipes, rare tea blends and natural remedies for your wellbeing. Satisfied by the smell, you can switch to the taste of the finest chocolate in Perugia.   HOW TO GET THERE Profumi di Perugia is about 100 meters away from Piazza IV Novembre, in the heart of Perugia, and about 80 meters from the nearest bus station, P.G. Matteotti, where you can get with the buses Z20 or Z21. For the right directions, use the map below.

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    Materia Ceramica

    Materia Ceramica is the artisan workshop of Maria Antonietta Taticchi, located in Perugia, where takes place the processing and decoration of the Umbrian artistic ceramics. The history of this artisan began in 1975, when it was accepted as an apprentice in the workshop of Guido Montanari in Deruta. In 1981, she sets up her first ceramic workshop, together with her mother and her young creative friends. In 2015, Maria Antonietta Taticchi obtains the title of Master Craftsman and the recognition of the company as a School Workshop. In March 2015, she inaugurates Materia Ceramica, a meeting and collaborative place for artisans, artists, creatives and designers around the theme of ceramics. Alongside the use and decorative objects, Materia Ceramica also offers jewelry and accessories designed and created entirely in the laboratory: necklaces, bracelets, key rings, ceramic bowls, hand painted and fully customizable, and design objects, such as the Pink-Lamp, created from a 3D printed prototype. Visiting the workshop of Maria Antonietta Taticchi is therefore a journey into the world of ceramics at 360 degrees, which allows you to discover not only the stages of processing the clay, but also things of historical interest, as well as innovative and original methods to Read more [...]

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    Lemuria is a single-brand clothing store, that gathers the work of the designer Susanna Gioia, that has been dedicated to the research of the multifunctional clothing and the experiments in avant-garde. Sold over the world, Lemuria brand is based in Perugia, Umbria. Susanna Gioia was born in Perugia and grew up surrounded by fabrics and tailors. Upon graduation, in 2001, she worked as an intern alongside Gilles Rosier, Creative Director of Kenzo and Assistant Jean P. Gaultier. In 2006, she moved to Amsterdam and in 2007 she invested in her Lemuria Collection development. Distributed since 2007, introduced in a market fasting of conceptual and experimental products, Lemuria has achived its success thanks to the multifunctionality and innovation of its collections. Lemuria is produced by the designer family Confezioni Gioia, which includes thirty years experience in the field of contract manufacturing.   HOW TO GET THERE The store is near the Piazza IV Novembre, in the historical center of Perugia. The closest bus station is P.G. Matteotti, that can be reached with the buses Z20 and Z21. Also, from Piazza Italia, 350 meters away from the store, you can get with the buses G and R.