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    Church of San Fortunato

    The Church of San Fortunato is a church in Perugia, located in Piazza Braccio Fortebraccio, between Via Pinturicchio and Via Bartolo, in the northern part of the historical center of the city. The church, one of the oldest in Perugia, is dedicated to Saint Fortunatus of Todi.   SHORT HISTORY According to tradition, the church was built on the ruins of an Etruscan structure, not far from the Arch of Augustus. However, the presence of the church is attested since 1163. Around 1630, the Sylvestrines (Congregazione Silvestrina) moved here from the Church of Santa Maria Nuova, which in turn was sold to the Servants of Mary. The Church of San Fortunato was rebuilt starting with 1634. In 2017, after long restoration works following the 1997 earthquake, the church was reopened for worship, and also became a multipurpose space for cultural activities.   ART AND ARCHITECTURE On the facade of the church, there is a round arched portal, surmounted by a rose window. Above the rose window, there is a mullioned window in the center, and two other single windows on the sides. The portal and the windows have terracotta frames. The roof and the bell-gable are remains of the medieval Read more [...]