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    Church of San Giorgio

    The Church of San Giorgio is a beautiful church in Pordenone, located in Largo San Giorgio, in the northern part of the historical center of the town.   SHORT HISTORY A small chapel dedicated to San Giorgio is mentioned in the will of Ricchiero Ricchieri, dated back to 1347, through which he provided a sum of money for its maintenance. In 1588, following the growth of the city, the chapel was elevated to a parish. The church was enlarged in 1625, and again starting with 1792 on the initiative of Don Lorenzo Grigoletti, uncle of the painter Michelangelo Grigoletti. The church was completed only in 1873, when the monument was consecrated and the Neoclassical facade designed by the Pordenone artist Giovanni Battista Bassi was finished. The bell tower, begun in 1852 to a design by the same architect, was completed only in 1914. In 1975, a general restoration of the church was carried out, with the reconstruction of the roof, the external plaster and the exterior painting. The church was inaugurated on Christmas 1975, but the 1976 earthquake caused further damages to its structure. Between 2001 and 2002, the building underwent further consolidation and conservative restoration.   ART AND ARCHITECTURE Read more [...]

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    Cathedral of San Marco

    The Cathedral of San Marco, known also as the Duomo di San Marco, is the Cathedral of Pordenone, dedicated to Saint Mark. The cathedral is located in the historical center of the town, in Piazza San Marco, a few meters from the Communal Palace.   SHORT HISTORY The Cathedral of Saint Mark was built starting from the second half of the 13th century, in Romanesque-Gothic style, on the remains of a previous church. The imposing bell tower was completed in 1347, and raised to 79.47 meters in the 17th century, when the spire was added. The first restoration interventions were carried out in 1938. Later, in 1940, the 15th century frescoes were found in the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul and the Resurrection fresco in the sacristy. The first global restoration project of the entire cathedral began in 1956 and was carried out on several steps, also by demolishing some surrounding buildings. Inside, the decoration of the dome of the transept was brought to light. Between 1965 and 1975, the floor was restored, under which some tombstones were found. On this occasion, the roof of the nave was rehabilitated following the original construction schemes. After the 1976 Friuli earthquake, Read more [...]