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    Isola Bella

    Isola Bella (Isula Bedda, in Sicilian dialect, and Beautiful Island, in English) is a small island located near the beach with the same name, in the Ionian Sea, in Taormina. Sometimes, when the tide is low, Isola Bella connects to the beach through a narrow sandy strip, becoming a peninsula. The beach in front of the island is also beautiful, but is made of pebbles and the sea floor is rocky, making it uncomfortable for some people. The beach is free, but the entrance to the Isola Bella Nature Reserve costs 4 euros. The island can be visited every day, except Monday, starting with 9.00 am.   SHORT HISTORY The island was donated in 1806 by Ferdinand I of Bourbon to Pancrazio Ciprioti, Mayor of Taormina. In 1890, it was purchased by Florence Trevelyan, who built a small house on the island. The island was later inherited by the lawyer Cesare Acrosso, the godson adopted by Salvatore Cacciola, husband of Florence Trevelyan. In 1954, Isola Bella was bought for 38,000₤ by the brothers Leone and Emilio Bosurgi, who built a village with 12 autonomous residences and a tiny swimming pool nearby, in order to host their friends. The Bosurgi family Read more [...]

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    Lungomare Beach

    Lungomare is a beautiful long sandy beach in Cefalù, a fantastic place both for tourists and locals to enjoy the warm sunshine of Sicily. The beach is about 5 kilometers long, starts from the edge of the old center of Cefalù and runs alongside a promenade lined with hotels, restaurants and shops. In the summer time, you can find plenty of private lidos, with sunbeds and umbrellas, but there are also public areas that you can enjoy for free. Due to the shallow waters, the Lungomare beach is popular with families. In July and August, the beach can be very crowded, but the atmosphere is nice.   HOW TO GET THERE From the Cefalù Train Station, to the Lungomare Beach, are about 600 meters, or about 6 minutes on foot.