All Castles in Padua

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    Castelvecchio, formerly known as Castello della Torlonga, is a fortification in Padua, located in the southern part of the historical center of the city. The castle assumed the name of Castelvecchio (Old Castle) when the construction of Castelnuovo (New Castle) began in 1513. It was also called Castello di Ezzelino, due to the sinister charm evoked by Ezzelino III da Romano, tyrant of Padua in the 13th century. Today, in reference to the lordship of the House of Carrara, it is frequently referred to as Castello Carrarese.   SHORT HISTORY OF CASTELVECCHIO The Long Tower (Torlonga) was built in the 9th century in a strategic area, where the Bacchiglione River is dividing into Tronco Maestro and Naviglio. Between the 10th and 11th centuries, the tower was surrounded by a short wall that protected it. In 1237, Ezzelino III da Romano, tyrant of Padua, began building a castle around Torlonga and added another tower. Starting with 1241, Ezzelino planned the repression of the Guelph opposition and thus began to segregate the prisoners in the basement of the new castle and in the towers. In 1256, the Crusaders entered Padua at the behest of Pope Alexander IV and occupied the city. The Read more [...]