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    Janniderma is a brand under which are designed, produced and sold only exclusive leather products 100% made in Florence. In Janniderma boutique, you can find leather garments and bags, esclusive fashion creations individually being handmade by skilled Italian artisans. Their collections are not mass produced and each piece is unique. Janni was born in Greece in 1957, and in 1982 he graduated in architecture at Florence University. In 1991, he created the Italian brand name Janniderma, designing its collections which he sells exclusively in his boutique located in via dei Benci, 16R and on his website.   HOW TO GET THERE The nearest bus station is Corso Dei Tintori, on Line 23 and C3, only 120 meters away from the store. If you need precise directions, use the map below.

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    Massai Orafi

    Massai Orafi is a jewelry store in Florence, with a history of more than 50 years, which produces bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings with a special design. Situated in the historic centre of Florence, on the top floor of a sixteenth-century building, Massai Orafi creates unique handmade pieces of jewellery using techniques that were transmitted from the ancient time of Florentine goldsmithing. Visit the workshop to discover their extensive selection of jewellery and gain an insight into how a piece of jewellery is made.   HOW TO GET THERE The shop is about 200 meters from the Ponte Vecchio bridge and only 100 meters from the nearest bus station, Porta Rossa, on Line C2.

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    Bartolucci is a network of stores that first appeared in Italy, then spread around the world, producing and selling wooden decorations. In Florence, there are three Bartolucci stores, located in Via della Condotta, 12 (Firenze 1), in Via Borgo dei Greci, 11 (Firenze 2) and in Via Guicciardini, 6/R (Pinocchio Store). Bartolucci offers gifts and collectibles, accessories for interior decoration and toys, all made in Italy. Each object is based on an original design, hand-worked and assembled through a process which includes, on average, more than ten steps. In particular, the models of the Pinocchio line have a high-quality craftsmanship, as they all are entirely hand-made and hand-painted. Bartolucci name is linked to woodworking since 1936. In that year, four Bartolucci brothers founded a small accordion factory in Belvedere Fogliense, which remained in business until the fifties. In 1981, Francesco Bartolucci resumed the family tradition, by carving his first puppet.   HOW TO GET THERE The store from Via della Condotta is only 60 meters away from Piazza della Signoria. The closest bus station is Condotta, about 130 meters from the store. For the right directions, use the map below.