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    Cathedral of San Ciriaco

    The Cathedral of San Ciriaco is the Cathedral of Ancona, located in a scenic position on top of Monte Guasco, formerly occupied by the acropolis of the ancient Greek city.   SHORT HISTORY OF THE CATHEDRAL OF SAN CIRIACO In the 4th century BC, the Greeks from Syracuse who settled in the area erected on this site a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. The temple, whose foundations were discovered under the Cathedral, had a plan corresponding to the transept of the current church. In the 5th century AD, an early Christian basilica dedicated to San Lorenzo was built on the remains of the ancient temple. The Basilica of San Lorenzo had three naves, with an entrance towards the southeast, where the Chapel of the Crucifix is currently located. At the end of the 10th century, Ancona became a powerful maritime republic. On this occasion, the ancient church was enlarged between 996 and 1015, extending the three pre-existing naves to correspond to the entire current transept. In 1017, once the works were completed, the remains of the patron saints Marcellino and Ciriaco were transferred to the crypt inside the church, and the church became the Cathedral of Ancona. Important expansion works were Read more [...]