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    Temple of Diana

    Temple of Diana (Tempio di Diana) is a megalithic structure found about 150 meters above the sea leavel, on the imposing Rocca, the rocky hill dominating the town of Cefalù.   SHORT HISTORY Some historians claimed that the Temple of Diana is the oldest structure in Sicily, built in the 5th or 4th century B.C. over an existing cistern associated with the worship of water. The incorporated dolmenic cistern is considered of proto-historic origin by many historians. In the 12th century, the structure was used as a chapel, remains of an apse and arched windows being visible in the rear and interior of the temple. The first official archaeological excavations were made by Pirro Marconi in the first half of the 20th century. The excavations allowed to acquire more informations about the age of the building and its role, the conclusion being that the structure was a temple dedicated to the sun.   ARCHITECTURE The temple has a main entrance oriented to the west, from which starts a corridor leading to the rocky cistern characterized by a dolmenic coverage. The front door is not at the center of the building, but near the north-west corner, measuring 2.68 meters in height Read more [...]