All Streets in Catania

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    Via Etnea

    Via Etnea is the main street of the historical center of Catania, which runs in the south-north direction for about 2.8 kilometers, from Piazza del Duomo to Tondo Gioeni. Via Etnea is the shopping street of Catania, and one of the busiest streets in the city, both during the day and at night.   SHORT HISTORY Via Etnea was built at the end of the 17th century, following the disastrous earthquake of January 11, 1693, which almost destroyed the city of Catania. The Duke of Camastra, sent by the Viceroy of Sicily to oversee the reconstruction of the city, decided to trace new roads according to orthogonal directions, and started right from the Cathedral of Sant’Agata. A road was thus created that led from the Cathedral towards Etna. The street was initially called Via Duke of Uzeda, in honor of the viceroy of the time. Later, the street changed its name to Via Stesicorea, and finally to the current Via Etnea. The road was about 700 meters long, and ended in the current Piazza Stesicoro, where one of the gates of Catania was located. During the 20th century, the street developed further north, to Piazza Cavour, and then to Tondo Read more [...]