All Monuments in Rimini

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    Arco di Augusto

    Arco di Augusto (Arch of Augustus) is a Roman triumphal arch in Rimini, located in the southern part of the historical center of the city. The Arch of Augustus is the best-preserved Roman arch in the world. Together with the Bridge of Tiberius, the arch is one of the symbols of Rimini, and both monuments appear on the coat of arms of the city.   SHORT HISTORY OF ARCO DI AUGUSTO Arco di Augusto was built in 27 BC, by decree of the Roman Senate, in order to honor Emperor Augustus for having restored Via Flaminia, Via Emilia and Via Popilia. In fact, the arch marked the end of Via Flaminia, which connected Rimini to Rome, the capital of the Empire. Back then, Via Flaminia was continued by the decumanus maximus (east-west-oriented Roman road), today’s Corso d’Augusto, which led to the entrance to the ancient Via Emilia. Arco di Augusto remained the main gate of the city, flanked by modest buildings, until the Fascist period. Between 1936 and 1938, at the behest of Benito Mussolini, it was isolated by demolishing the adjacent buildings.   ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF THE ARCH OF AUGUSTUS The arch was built in travertine from Nabresina, Read more [...]

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    Ponte di Tiberio

    Ponte di Tiberio (Bridge of Tiberius), also known as the Bridge of Augustus, is a Roman bridge in Rimini, located in the northern part of the historical center of the city.   SHORT HISTORY OF PONTE DI TIBERIO The construction of the Tiberius Bridge was started in 14 AD under the government of Emperor Augustus, and was completed in 21 AD under Emperor Tiberius. It served as a bridge over the Marecchia River, before the course of the river was diverted. The bridge is a national monument since 1885, and it appears on the coat of arms of Rimini. Until recently, the bridge was part of the city road network and was open to normal traffic, excluding heavy vehicles. The definitive pedestrianization of the bridge began on an experimental basis on May 30, 2020.   ARCHITECTURE OF THE BRIDGE OF TIBERIUS The Bridge of Tiberius was built in Istrian stone, in a sober, but, at the same time, harmonious style. The bridge is paved with trachyte stones, has a width of 4.80 meters and a length of 74 meters. It is flanked by sidewalks about 30 centimeters high and about 60 centimeters wide. The structure is made up of five Read more [...]