All Ports in Calabria

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    Port of Tropea

    The Port of Tropea is probably the most searched spot for yachts sailing along the Coast of the Gods. The port has an outer breakwater 500 meters long and an inner breakwater of 210 meters. On the inner breakwater, there are 3 piers, while the outer breakwater has 6 floating docks. The port features about 450 boat moorings, capable of accommodating boats of up to 45 meters, with sea beds from 3 to 5 meters. Of the many facilities the port offers, we can mention electricity, water and fuel, free WI-FI coverage, toilets, showers, a laundry room and some car parking spaces. A shop selling nautical supplies is also located within the port. The area is equipped with surveillance cameras.   HOW TO GET THERE You can find the Port of Tropea to the east of the town, separated from the Rotonda Beach by the rock of San Leonardo. You can reach the harbor either coming from the west, on Via Lungomare, or from the south, on Contrada Marina Vescovado.

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    Port of Scilla

    The history of the Port of Scilla is closely linked to that of its city, whose ancient origins are a blend of mythology, history, legend and images created by the enchanting surrounding landscape. Fishermen of the past chose the area next to the cliff of Scilla, where the presence of the numerous rocks facilitated the practice of fishing, while allowing the construction of the rudimentary huts. Over the centuries, this port has been a refuge for boats that crossed the Messina Strait, later becoming a fishing port, since fishing was the main activity for the local population. Even today, at the quay, are often anchored special boats for fishing swordfish, a type of fish very common in the area. The Port of Scilla consists of a pier with an “L” shape, equipped in the inner part with quays and bollards for mooring. The Ruffo di Calabria quay is used for pleasure boating, the Scoglio di Ulisse quay is dedicated to fishing boats, while the outer dock is assigned for commercial use and for anchoring police vehicles. The recreational services are managed by the Boat Service, which has positioned near the port 2 ecological camps with 100 berths, active from May Read more [...]