All Beaches in Calabria

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    Bellamana Beach

    Bellamana Beach is a small beach located in Pizzo, a few meters away from the historical center of the town. The beach is about 100 meters long and is situated in a small bay at the foot of the rock on which the Murat Castle magnificently stands. In the evening, the promenade around the beach, along the Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, becomes a meeting point for young people, thanks to the numerous clubs, cafes and restaurants that populate the area.   HOW TO GET THERE The Bellamana Beach is located about 1.3 kilometers away from the Pizzo railway station, or about 20 minutes on foot. To find the beach in no time, use the map below.

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    Rotonda Beach

    Tropea is well known for its beautiful beaches and one of the best beaches in the city is, without a doubt, the Rotonda Beach, or Spiaggia della Rotonda, located near the Port of Tropea. With a great view on the rock of Santa Maria dell’Isola, the Rotonda Beach is bounded on the East by the rock of San Leonardo, and on the West by another small beach, Spiaggia Mare Piccolo (Little Sea). Above, in the back, is the old town of Tropea, watching from its height over the people on the sand.   HOW TO GET THERE The Rotonda Beach is about 500 meters from the historical center of the city and about 250 meters from the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola. To find it easily, you can use the map below.

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    Mermaid Beach

    The Mermaid Beach, or Spiaggia delle Sirene, is a 800 meters long beach in Scilla, set between the Ruffo Castle in the East and the rocky Punta Pacì in the West. The Scilla Beach is a wonderful beach of coarse sand, bathed by the beautiful crystalline and clear water of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with an extraordinary transparency thanks to the gravelly bottom. The sea conceals tremendous natural treasures, the water being rich in various fish species, algae and molluscs, ideal for snorkeling. Perfect for families with children, the beach is well equipped, offering kiosks, bars and numerous restaurants overlooking the sea, as well as the possibility to rent several apartments and holiday homes nearby.   HOW TO GET THERE The beach is easily reachable from the Scilla Train Station, the station being only 50 meters away.