All Palaces in Polignano a Mare

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    Palazzo dell’Orologio

    Palazzo dell’Orologio (Clock Palace) is a small palace located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, in the historical center of Polignano a Mare.   SHORT HISTORY The palace has medieval origins and was once the seat of the city’s Town Hall. The two ground floor rooms were used as a warehouse for a while and, later, the room in the back was converted into a prison, as attested by the grating which is still visible in Via Tanese Innocente. In the second half of the 18th century, a clock was added to the facade, replacing an old sundial. A small part of the sundial is still visible today, under the clock.   ARCHITECTURE The palace is built on three floors, with a facade embelished by decorations in Rococo style, particularly visible around windows, which hide the medieval origins of the building. Between the two windows of the first floor, under the clock, we can find the town’s coat of arms. Above the clock, in a niche, there is the statue of San Vito, the patron saint of Polignano a Mare. The statue is surmounted by a beautiful bell gable.   HOW TO GET THERE Palazzo dell’Orologio is located about 750 meters Read more [...]