All Ports in Monopoli

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    Porto Vecchio

    Porto Vechio (Old Port) is an ancient port in Monopoli, located at the northen limit of the historical center of the city. The port is the true home of the typical fishing boats called gozzi (or vozz, in the local dialect), almost 5 meters long, usually painted in bright red and blue. Porto Vecchio, with its red lighthouse, the Castle of Charles V, the beautiful Palazzo Martinelli-Meo Evoli and the typical colorful gozzi boats, is, by far, the most picturesque area of Monopoli.   SHORT HISTORY The history of the Old Port of Monopoli is lost in time and probably coincides with the history of the city itself. Archaeological excavations carried out between 1985 and 2011, have shown the existence of a Messapian city of the 6th century BC, equipped with fortifications overlooking the ancient port. The cove of the ancient port was protected from the winds and had an important natural basin, and it seems beyond doubt that this basin was the place from which the today’s city began to develop. Around the first century AD, the Roman city possessed a large gate with direct access to the quay area. The defensive structure is currently incorporated in the Castle Read more [...]