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    Festa di Santa Rosalia 2022

    Date: 10 July 2022 - 15 July 2022

    Festa di Santa Rosalia 2022 (Feast of Saint Rosalia 2022) will take place between 10 and 15 July, 2022, in Palermo. Every year, the festival lasts six days, with the first three days being reserved for the preparation of the great procession held on the evening of July 14th. The 2022 edition will be the 398 edition of the festival. The feast is dedicated to Saint Rosalia, also called La Santuzza (Little Saint) or Rusulia (in Sicilian dialect), the patron saint of Palermo, and it commemorates the miraculous appearances of the Saint from 1624, when the city was hit by plague.   SHORT HISTORY Born of a Norman noble family that claimed descent from Charlemagne, Santa Rosalia lived in the last years of her life as a hermit in a cave on Mount Pellegrino, where she died alone in 1166. In 1624, Emanuel Filibert of Savoy, the Viceroy of Sicily, who resided in the city, brought to the port of Palermo a ship from Tunis, containing many gifts. Muhammad Calavà, the captain of the ship, and some of the crew, were suspected of being sick. Shortly after, the disease, carried by rats, spread rapidly all over the city. A 47-year-old Read more [...]