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    Buatta is a restaurant born inside the famous Valigeria Quattrocchi, a historical leather shop located close to the cosmopolitan and joyful Vucciria market, in the heart of the Palermo city center. Buatta offers you a cuisine based on the Sicilian and Palermitan culinary traditions, with the exclusive use of local and seasonal ingredients, in order to create simple and authentic dishes with a few high quality raw materials. In the restaurant, you will discover amazing recipes born when art, knowledge and great cooking skills meet together, such as caponata, pasta with sardines, Sicilian cannoli and cassata.   HOW TO GET THERE Buatta is located on the Via Vittorio Emanuele, 176, about 300 meters away from the Fontana Pretoria. The closest bus station is Vittorio Emanuele-Vucciria, about 80 meters away, which can be reached with the bus Line 103.

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    Quattro Mani

    Quattro Mani is a restaurant located in piazza Magione, within the Kalsa neighbourhood, in Palermo, offering a sincere cuisine dedicated to the Sicilian tradition. Their cuisine is inspired by their homes. To eat well, you need the best ingredients, which is why they are dedicated to constantly retrieve products all around Sicily which meet very specific criteria – small companies that follow the principles of organic production. The selection of materials is exclusively made in Sicily, with the exception of a few important ingredients, such as Parmigiano Reggiano.   HOW TO GET THERE Restaurant Ouattro Mani is located in Via Francesco Riso, 3. The closest bus station is Alloro – Abatellis, about 180 meters away, on the bus route Arancione – the free bus of the historic center of Palermo.

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    Ottava Nota

    Ottava Nota (Eighth Note) is a restaurant located in the historical center of Palermo, in the popular neighborhood Kalsa, a short walk from Cala, the ancient port of the city. Three rooms are welcoming you in a comfortable and seductive environment, where the sight, taste, smell, and feel of the dishes will go to a contamination of all your senses. Because the art of creating masterpieces in the kitchen starts right from the choice of ingredients, Ottava Nota uses only fresh and genuine raw materials. The ingredients and techniques of traditional cuisine, especially of a land rich in flavors such as Sicily, are always a starting point, a continuous path that leads to new experiences. The skill and creativity of the chef, the atmosphere and the magic of this place ar added to the beautiful recipe which is Ottava Nota.   HOW TO GET THERE The restaurant can be found in Via Butera, 55. The closest bus station is Foro Umberto I – Porta Felice, on the bus lines 107 and Arancione.