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    Cathedral of San Rufino

    The Cathedral of San Rufino is the beautiful Cathedral of Assisi, located in the homonymous square. Although there is no documented evidence, the church is built on a terrace that probably was the site of the ancient Roman forum of Asisium.   SHORT HISTORY The body of San Rufino (Saint Rufinus) was probably brought to Assisi in the 8th century, and a first church was built on this place around the same time. Ugone, Bishop of Assisi from 1028, moved the episcopal seat from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore to the Church of San Rufino, and made the latter a cathedral in 1036. In 1134, it was decided to demolish the Ugonian Basilica and to build a new and more imposing cathedral. The work for the new church, on a project by Giovanni da Gubbio, was started in 1140, but the construction lasted for several decades. In 1228, Pope Gregory IX consecrated the high altar and, in 1253, the whole church was consecrated by Pope Innocent IV. In 1571, the interior of the cathedral was renovated according to a project by Galeazzo Alessi.   ARCHITECTURE The facade of the cathedral is one of the most significant works of the Read more [...]