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    Church of San Martino

    The Church of San Martino (Chiesa del Divo Martino) is a church in Romanesque style, dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, in Portofino.   SHORT HISTORY The church was probably built during the 12th century, around the same time the Church of San Giorgio was erected. The structure is mentioned in a document of 1130, with the decision of Pope Innocent II to cede the property to the monks of the nearby Abbey of San Fruttuoso, and again in 1164, where the same privileges were confirmed by Pope Alexander III. The consecration of the church took place on June 10, 1548, and on March 8, 1550, the ownership of the religious building passed to the Prince Andrea Doria and his heirs, through a papal bull of Pope Julius III. During the 19th century, the Church of San Martino was renovated and expanded, and took its current shape.   ART Inside, there are several pictorial and sculptural works, such as the wooden group depicting the Deposition of Christ by the Genoese sculptor Anton Maria Maragliano, the canvas of the Madonna del Rosario by an unknown painter, an Annunciation of the 18th century, and a painting depicting the Saints Rocco, Sebastiano and Read more [...]

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    Church of San Giorgio

    The Church of San Giorgio is a small Catholic church in Portofino, located on an elevated position, enjoying a panoramic view of the Marina di Portofino. The church is dedicated to Saint George, a soldier in the Roman army and member of the Praetorian Guard for Roman emperor Diocletian, who was sentenced to death for refusing to renounce his Christian faith.   SHORT HISTORY According to a plaque located inside the church, the structure was built in Romanesque style in 1154. The church was revised and modified in 1691 and, at the same time, the road of Salita San Giorgio was widened, allowing the locals to reach the church from the main square of the village. A further restoration took place in 1760. During the Second World War, the church was completely destroyed by a bomb. The reconstruction work started after the end of the conflict, in 1950, and the church was rebuilt following the plans of 1760. Inside the church, there are the relics of Saint George, the patron saint of Portofino, brought by the sailors returning from the Crusades.   HOW TO GET THERE You can get to the Church of San Giorgio after a short climb of Read more [...]