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    Calendimaggio 2023

    Date: 3 May 2023 - 6 May 2023

    Calendimaggio 2023 will take place between May 3 and 6, 2023, in Assisi. Traditionally, the festival is held each year in the first Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday after the 1st of May, to greet the arrival of spring. On this occasion, the town is divided in two parts – Magnifica Parte de Sotto (Magnificent Lower Part) and Nobilissima Parte de Sopra (Noble Upper Part). The parts challenge each other for the conquest of Palio, through parades in medieval costumes, reenactment of medieval life and musical performances. A jury, composed of internationally renowned experts (a historian, a musicologist and an entertainment personality), choose the winner of each edition.   SHORT HISTORY The origins of Calendimaggio are lost in time. Most likely, the festival tried to revive ancient pagan customs that celebrated the return of spring and the renewal of the cycle of life. The ancient chronicles tell us that Assisi, at the beginning of the 14th century, reached its maximum splendor, a fact confirmed by the expansion of its walls, its numerous palaces and churches, the presence of the painters Giotto, Cimabue, Simone Martini, the Lorenzetti brothers… At the same time, the city was divided in two parts – Parte Read more [...]

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    Palio di San Rufino 2023

    Date: 24 August 2023 - 27 August 2023

    Palio di San Rufino 2023 will take place between 24 and 27 of August, 2023, in the beautiful town of Assisi.   SHORT HISTORY The origin of this tradition is lost in time. The first mention of this custom in an official document dates back to the 14th century, and the document is now kept in the Municipal Library of Città di Castello.   DESCRIPTION Palio di San Rufino, dedicated to Saint Rufinus of Assisi, the first bishop of the city, is a crossbow shooting competition between the three historical districts (terzieri) of the town: San Francesco, San Rufino and Santa Maria. The Palio, a banner painted by a renowned artist, is awarded to the winning team, while the crossbowman who gets the highest score in the single-shot competition receives the Silver Crossbow (Balestrina d’Argento). The festival begins with the opening of a thematic exhibition, the theatrical performance and the historical market of San Rufino, which recalls the traditional fair that took place during the days of the celebration of the patron saint of the city, Saint Rufinus. Today, the market exhibits characteristic crafts and antiques along a route that goes from Piazza della Chiesa Nuova, through via Arco dei Read more [...]