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    I Tri da Cruci 2019

    Date: 3 May 2019

    I Tri da Cruci (the Three Crosses) is a traditional festival held every year in Tropea, on the 3rd of May. Its name originates from three wooden crosses kept in the altar of a small church on the suburbs of the town, in Via Umberto I, a church that collapsed in 1875 after an earthquake. The crosses were saved and placed in the church of the souls in purgatory and, nowadays, are still objects of veneration. On this occasion, the village is decorated with candles and colorful flags, and a boat laden with fireworks is suspended in the air, near the Piazza Cannone. Of the events taking place in the morning, we can mention the dance of the giants, when two large puppets dance on the streets of the town. Afterwards, the children pop balloons with a wooden stick and the adults break jugs filled with water. On the evening, the boat is lit on fire, creating a beautiful spectacle of lights, colors and explosions. Later, the dance of the camel on fire (camiuzzu i focu) takes place, when a paper and wood camel stuffed with fireworks is dancing on the streets of the town, accompanied by the rhythm of Read more [...]