All Religious Feasts in Noto

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    Festa di San Corrado 2020

    Date: 19 February 2020

    Festa di San Corrado 2020, one of the most beautiful Sicilian religious celebrations, will take place on February 19, in Noto. The feast, dedicated to Saint Conrad of Piacenza, patron saint of the town of Noto, takes place twice a year, or if we count the octaves of the feast, four times a year. The one held on February 19 recalls the death of the Saint, while the one held in the last Sunday of August commemorates his beatification on August 28, 1515. Conrad of Piacenza, born Corrado Confalonieri, was an Italian hermit of the Third Order of Saint Francis, who lived between 1290 and 1351, and is now venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. Around the year 1340, the Saint arrived in Noto and settled in a cave. He performed numerous miracles and when he died, on February 19, 1351, it is said that the bells of the town started ringing on their own.   PROGRAM OF THE EVENT On February 19, the silver urn which contains the remains of the saint is carried in procession through the streets of Noto, on the shoulders of the Bearers. The urn is preceded by the Confraternities holding the Read more [...]