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    Festa della Madonna della Bruna 2022

    Date: 2 July 2022

    Festa della Madonna della Bruna 2022 will take place on July 2, 2022, in Matera. The event, commonly known as Festa della Bruna, is a religious feast held every year since 1389, in honor of the patron saint of the city, Madonna della Bruna. The 2022 edition will be the 632 edition of the festival.   SHORT HISTORY The origins of the festival are lost in time. The custom, handed down from one generation to the next, was enriched over time by innumerable variations. The legend tells that a farmer, in his way to Matera, took a young lady in his cart. Near the town, she got out of the cart and asked the peasant to tell the Bishop that she was the Mother of Christ. When he heard that, the Bishop, along with the clergy and the townspeople, rushed to welcome the Virgin, but they found a statue in her place. The statue of the Madonna was brought to the city on a decorated triumphal chariot. Today, the statue of the Madonna is located in the transept of the Matera Cathedral. Until the 16th century, the feast was characterized mainly by a procession that took place at dawn, called Read more [...]