All SEE in Tropea

Of notable interest in Tropea is the Norman Cathedral of Tropea, an 11th century building in Romanesque style, containing the sacred effigy of the Virgin of Romania, protector of the city, and the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola, one of Tropea’s icons.

The beaches of Tropea are spectacular, with white sand and clear turquoise water. The most beautiful are the Rotonda Beach, Mare Piccolo and the Riaci Beach.

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    Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola

    The Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola is a beautiful small church standing on the homonymous rock, in Tropea. The church and its rock, once an island, is one of the most iconic images of the Calabrian city.   SHORT HISTORY The rock on which the church stands today was probably inhabited around the 7th century by Greek hermit monks. These, isolating themselves from the world, devoted themselves to a contemplative and ascetic life. Built before the 9th century, the church belonged, at first, to the Basilian monks. In the 11th century, after the arrival of the Normans, it was passed on to the Benedictines, who still own it today. As a parenthesis, Tropea, like all of Calabria, was under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Byzantium and, therefore, under the Greek rite, until the arrival of the Normans, in the 11th century, who imposed the latinization of the population. Robert Guiscard, the Norman duke, made the transition from the Greek to the Latin rite around 1060. Around the year 1066, the Church of Santa Maria dell’Isola and some surrounding territories were donated by the Normans to the Abbot of Montecassino, Desiderio, who later became Pope Victor III. Over the centuries, due to Read more [...]

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    Port of Tropea

    The Port of Tropea is probably the most searched spot for yachts sailing along the Coast of the Gods. The port has an outer breakwater 500 meters long and an inner breakwater of 210 meters. On the inner breakwater, there are 3 piers, while the outer breakwater has 6 floating docks. The port features about 450 boat moorings, capable of accommodating boats of up to 45 meters, with sea beds from 3 to 5 meters. Of the many facilities the port offers, we can mention electricity, water and fuel, free WI-FI coverage, toilets, showers, a laundry room and some car parking spaces. A shop selling nautical supplies is also located within the port. The area is equipped with surveillance cameras.   HOW TO GET THERE You can find the Port of Tropea to the east of the town, separated from the Rotonda Beach by the rock of San Leonardo. You can reach the harbor either coming from the west, on Via Lungomare, or from the south, on Contrada Marina Vescovado.

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    Rotonda Beach

    Tropea is well known for its beautiful beaches and one of the best beaches in the city is, without a doubt, the Rotonda Beach, or Spiaggia della Rotonda, located near the Port of Tropea. With a great view on the rock of Santa Maria dell’Isola, the Rotonda Beach is bounded on the East by the rock of San Leonardo, and on the West by another small beach, Spiaggia Mare Piccolo (Little Sea). Above, in the back, is the old town of Tropea, watching from its height over the people on the sand.   HOW TO GET THERE The Rotonda Beach is about 500 meters from the historical center of the city and about 250 meters from the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola. To find it easily, you can use the map below.